Lemon Gorospe -Ranked #1 BPGT Pro Division Leaderboard
Richard Gibson - Ranked #1 BPGT Amateur Division Leaderboard
Riccardo Davis - BPGT Founder & Director - Ranked #3 BPGT Pro Division Leaderboard
Lemon Gorospe -Ranked #1 BPGT Pro Division Leaderboard
Greg Maycock - Ranked #2 BPGT Pro Division Leaderboard
Ryan Major - Ranked #2 BPGT Amateur Division Leaderboard
It's that time again as The Professional Golf Tour (BPGT) prepares to host Round 5 in its 2018 Signature Series of Professional Golf Tournament Play. We are midway through the series and the "Battle for Bragging Rights" is intensifying amongst tournament leaders.
Please find attached the latest Press Release for your perusal and photos of The BPGT Leaderboard Top Rankers.
We hope to see you all this Friday, September 28th, 2018 at The Royal Blue Golf Course at Baha Mar. Tee-Off is at 2:30pm.
Meet Me On The Greens!
Kira Horton
BPGT Marketing & PR Director
The Bahamas Professional Golf Tour is excited to bring to an audience of professional and amateur golfers this Friday, September 28th, 2018 Round 5 in the Signature Series of Professional Golf Tournament Play at The Royal Blue Golf Course at Baha Mar. Moreover, this month’s Classic pays homage to the 2018 BPGT Tour Partners; whom have been a driving force of the tour thus far and are all committed to remaining on in the same loyal capacity for the awaited BPGT 2019 SIGNATURE SERIES OF GOLF CLASSICS.

After having just completed the midpoint of the series; both the Professional and Amateur Golfers on the circuit alike are bench-marking their performance thus far on The BPGT Circuit and are all awaiting this months tournament to determine new leaderboard positions and who all will be in the running for the Top Awards at the 3 Day Grand Finale Weekend slated for Dec 28th – 31st, 2018. Thus far, the BPGT Pro Division Leaderboard is closely in a race to number one with Lemon Gorospe; leading with 1900 Points on the Tour, Greg Maycock; last months BPGT 1st Place Pro Division Winner is close behind with 1700 points and The BPGT Founder & Director; Riccardo Davis in 3rd Place on The BPGT Pro Leaderboard with 1600 Points. Leading the Amateur Division BPGT Leaderboard is Richard Gibson with 1200 Points. Gibson was also The BPGT Amateur Division 1st Place Winner in last months classic. In addition, Ryan Major is following closely in second place with 1000 Points. Pablo Nahamias is close behind both Gibson and Major with 900 Points on The BPGT Leaderboard. This amateur trio have truly showcased great golf skills and finesse on the greens thus far and we look forward to more fine moments from the Pros and Amateurs at large as we finish out the 2018 BPGT Series with a Big Bang! There is time left to get in the Battle of The BPGT GOLFING FINEST! There are four more tournaments to go.
Join The BPGT for the 5th Golf Classic in the Signature Series of Pro-Am Tournament Play at the Royal Blue Golf Course at Baha Mar – BPGT TOUR PARTNER; this Friday, September 28th, 2018. Tee-Off is at 2:30pm as the excitement and buzz for The BPGT Leaderboard Champions intensifies.
Special thank you to ALL of The BPGT TOUR PARTNERS whom collectively are the Sponsors and Success behind Round 5:- R & E Imports & Sales, Suntee and Under Armour, Breezes Superclubs & Resorts, Bentonite Beauty Clay, Kalik: Beer of The Bahamas, Graycliff Hotel & Cigars and Bahama Barrels.
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